God According to Vedanta presented by Swami Satchitananda

While most Religions have caused great divisions in society, Vedanta, whose antiquity is unknown, remains a unifier. The potentiality of a human being is the God himself or herself. This presentation will give you a broad understanding of the concepts of individual and universal consciousness, which is the basis of all names and forms. The individual who craves for freedom, happiness and contentment can, in fact, achieve all this here and now and live without fear of death. A mind-blowing revelation! The talk will include a question and answer session in the Advaita Vendanta tradition of satsang.

Swami Satchitanada follows the guru-shishya parampara of Shankaracharya, which started in 8th century AD. His Satguru, Swami Shivananda, is considered by many to be a world teacher who trained many disciples to propagate Vedanta and Yoga to the world. Swami ji’s grandfather, Swami Brahmananda, was one of the earlier disciples of Swami Shivananda. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Swami ji renounced corporate life and his family to become a wandering sadhu for 15 years. Swamiji is a pure Advaitist (non-dualist) and is based in Tamil Nadu where he is engaged with his students in building an ashram and retreat in honor of his guru. 

Before he became a sanyasi, Swami ji worked in senior management positions at multinational companies and was a consultant in Quality Management. After seeing the corporatization of spiritual education in India, he was inspired to set up a trust in the name of his Sat Guru. The trust provides free education in Yoga and Vedanta, taught in the traditional way. Further plans include the launch of a Veda Patashala, a religious training school to help young people develop their knowledge of the Vedas and support them to integrate this ageless wisdom into society.