Enter our village and get immersed in wisdom and practice. Bring the family and children to enjoy hands-on education. Cutting-edge strategies and ancient wisdom combine to enhance your life in our longevity village. Celebrate life with world music and global performers. Honor the leaders who brought the eastern dharma to the west. Feast on the abundance of nature in our Sacred Gardens. Take away the experience of a lifetime and rewarding tools to help you create enlightened life on earth.

How can we awaken our consciousness to live enlightened life on earth?

In this village consciousness leaders from diverse traditions will give presentations and workshops where you can learn the ancient wisdom of the ages and discover the mystery of your deepest self. Explore yoga psychology, learn the neuroscience of consciousness and techniques that will change you in profound and enduring ways. Sages, saints, masters, shamans and yogis will host satsangs, meditations, ceremonies, dances, chanting, singing and practice groups where you will awaken the divinity within.

You will partake in the spirit of mysticism and be nourished by timeless wisdom. You will practice with masterful teachers who can take you into the heart of the enlightened life experience.


In simple, everyday ways, as well as more profound ones, our children are constantly saying to us, “Wake up, look at yourself, transform yourself. Do this for YOU, so that I may be free of what burdens you.” –Shefali Tsabary

Bring your family and get immersed in a village where your children can explore and play, parents can learn from experts in natural childbirth, mindful education and family wellness. Grandparents can discover a wealth of natural approaches to enlightened ageless living. Relax in the parents lounge while the children participate in hands-on art, music and permaculture programs designed especially for kids. There’s a special area for babies and toddlers too.

In addition to fun activities, leading-edge keynote speakers and the family vendor village offering organic, natural products for healthy, happy family life, you and your loved ones will gather in the village center for celebrations, ceremonies and special entertainment.

Science is on the verge of discovering the secrets of regeneration, age reversal and longevity. These secrets have long been known to the masters of wisdom whose traditions include the knowledge of immortals who have been able to apply these teachings to extend life in a youthful body over many years. From the traditions of dark cave regeneration to the research labs of leading scientists, our Longevity Village will open your eyes to a whole new potential for long, healthy, vital life.

Get a shot of vitality at the longevity elixir bar, learn yogic methods for long life and meet expert doctors, clinicians and practitioners who are leading humanity into a new understanding of the potentials for human life. You will hear from integrative medical specialists about cutting-edge strategies that can restore health, slow the ageing process and radically extend the human life span.

You will push the boundaries of human capabilities as you practice with alchemists, yogis, Chi masters and Siddha sages who hold the ancient methods used by advanced practitioners to consciously recharge and restore the body to a younger age – and continue to live as long as you desire.

This is more than just a village –  it is also a clinic designed to re-energize and enhance your body and your life. You will have the opportunity to get consultations with leading doctors and explore the opportunities and options available to create or regain a youthful, healthy body and mind. You will discover effective ways to recover, restore and maintain optimum brain function. The focus in the village clinic is natural, holistic and integrative medicine, offering you the latest strategies for vitality, transformation, healing and age-reversal.

At our venue located near Santa Fe, NM, we will be working with permaculture experts and our hosts to create a special installation that will be tailored to the immediate ecosystem and the sites long term needs. You can be a part of this special event and get hands-on training.

Our sustainability village features experiential workshops, expert presenters, solar power, water preservation, regenerative agriculture, eco-friendly housing, organic, biodynamic farming and more. Learn to heal your body, your family and the earth through harmony with nature.

 “The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet.” – John F. Kennedy 

Eat right and prosper!
What food do we eat when we are living enlightened life on earth?

Our Sacred Gardens Village is very special. You can get your daily meals here from our amazing food vendors. The Village school is where you will learn about the hidden powers of your food. You’ve heard of comfort food. Now get ready for healing food, energy food, anti-aging food and earth-restoring food. You will go deep into the roots of the plant-based diet revolution and get the essential knowledge and experience you need to take the next step toward a more enlightened life.

You will enjoy a variety of delicious, healthy, life-giving, plant-based snack and meal options from local sources. You will learn about the vegan diet, proven to restore and maintain optimal health, well-being and long life. Nutrition experts facilitate workshops where you can gain more knowledge of the power of food. Gourmet vegan chefs provide your with hands-on learning experiences in kitchen demos.

The village hosts its own Farmer’s Market, offering fresh produce from local and tribal farmers. You will not only learn to create beautiful and nourishing meals at home – you will take home fresh ingredients to use in your new recipes.

Speaking of those lovely, nutritious dinners you are going to create… How can you take the power of plant nutrition to the next level? In a special partnership presentation, Sacred Gardens leaders will join with experts from our Sustainability Village to provide training on the many benefits of growing your own food for you, your family, your community and the earth. You will hear from bio-dynamic and organic home growers on how to create your home garden and share the harvest with family and friends.