Maria Baez is a human potential coach with over 12 years of experience, specialized in spiritual empowerment, mindful leadership and holistic entrepreneurship. Born with an intuitive gift and a unique view of life and spirituality, she is an eclectic student of dharma with a strong business development background.  Maria holds a  bachelor’s degree in business and merged that expertise with the spiritual world with a master degree in metaphysics. She is currently working toward a doctorate in philosophy with specialized focus on Conscious Business Ethics and Holistic Life Coaching.
Maria is an Earth citizen, intuitive coach, speaker, teacher, writer and connector.  Her healing toolbox includes Spiritual Counseling, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, EFT, NLP and Guided Meditation. Her business portfolio includes her own special enterprises – HolisticGLOBE, Holistic Leadership Society, Santa Fe METHA and the Numa Gaia Foundation – and hundreds of holistic practitioner clients. With over a quarter million subscribers under her HolisticGLOBE media and events umbrella, Maria is a successful and inspiring holistic entrepreneur.