Eat right and prosper!

What food do we eat when we are living enlightened life on earth?

Our Sacred Gardens Village is very special. You can get your daily meals while you are at the festival from food vendors in the village. It also has a school where you will learn about the hidden powers of your food. You’ve heard of comfort food. Now get ready for healing food, energy food, anti-aging food and earth-restoring food. You will go deep into the roots of the plant-based diet revolution and get the essential knowledge and experience you need to take the next step toward a more enlightened life.

In the village, you will enjoy delicious, healthy, life-giving, plant-based foods from local sources. You will learn about the vegan diet, proven to restore and maintain optimal health, well-being and long life. Nutrition experts present workshops where you can learn more. Gourmet vegan chefs provide hands-on learning experiences in kitchen demos.

Plus – the village has its own Farmer’s Market, offering fresh produce from local and tribal farmers. You will not only learn to create beautiful and nourishing meals at home – you will take home fresh ingredients to use in your new recipes.

Speaking of those lovely, nutritious dinners you are going to create… How can you take the power of plant nutrition to the next level? In a special partnership presentation, Sacred Gardens leaders will join with experts from our Sustainability Village to provide training on the many benefits of growing your own food for you, your family, your community and the earth. You will hear from bio-dynamic and organic home growers on how to create your home garden and share the harvest with family and friends.

Did you know that home grown vegetables have more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than commercially grown crops? Our village has all the resources you need to launch your food growing plans! What could be better than shopping for organic seeds, seedlings and plants at our living plant nursery? You will take away a wealth of resources and tools to create enlightened life in your apartment or in your own backyard.

Featured Vegan Food Events

The executive chef of the Sacred Garden Village will create an array of gourmet vegan foods for our opening VIP Reception, and serve a local, organic feast at our Farm-to-Table dinner. Get the details and make plans to join us!

VIP Reception


Farm to Table Dinner