The first western pilgrimage of the Himalayan Saints

Sages, siddhas, sadhus and sadhvis have for centuries made pilgrimage to four sacred sites in northern India. These gatherings are known as the Khumbh Mela and they happen according to astrological timings described in ancient scriptures. Khumbh means a vessel that holds divine nectar and Mela is gathering. Now the yogis say the time has come for the first Khumbh Mela to take place outside of India.

Previous generations have witnessed the arrival of gurus, siddhas and sages in north America and throughout the western world. These dharma leaders left an enduring legacy of yoga, meditation and conscious transformation. Their journey to the west changed western culture dramatically and opened the gateways for the arrival of the coming pilgrims who represent the next wave in the spiritual evolution of the west.

This is the Sadhus message about the purpose of the holy pilgrimage to Santa Fe, New Mexico

You have shifted consciousness and integrated wisdom in many ways. Yoga, meditation and higher awareness have integrated into your western lifestyle. Now, it is time to apply the fruits of your practice to create enlightened life on earth.

Enlightened living directs your awareness, practice and devotion to restore harmony with Mother Earth, and to live in a new way that cares for nature, water, earth and sky with conscious awareness and love.

We invite wisdom teachers, shamans, sages and spiritual masters from around the world to meet with us in the Temple of Enlightened Life and join us in our intentions on behalf of the global family of humanity and for the sake of the earth.

We honor the tribal first-nations people who have forever held this message and vision for Mother Earth. Through generations of struggle they have steadfastly held the path and now their wisdom comes to the fore as a blessing to all humankind.

We invite everyone to come to Santa Fe, at the southern end of the Sangre de Christo mountain range, the Himalayas of North America. This sacred place is the vessel where the special energies of these holy peaks are collected and held. Bring your loved ones and friends and meet us there October 17-21, 2019.

We invite you to bring your loved ones and friends to receive the blessings of the saints and enter our village of enlightened life. Please join us to learn, grow and expand your vision for a future filled with wisdom, conscious family life, earth-healing lifestyles, enlightening music and arts, sustainable culture and the attainment of a long and vibrant life.