Meet the Founder

Jyoti Ma is a former psychotherapist with a lifelong passion for unleashing the higher potentials of human consciousness. After many years of successful clinical practice, she entered into an extended, isolated retreat to meditate, practice and study the timeless wisdom of the consciousness traditions. She received her first yogic initiations from Hirindra Singh, PhD, an accomplished yogi whose insights into the eastern paths of enlightenment merged with Jyoti Ma’s expertise in the western mystical traditions to create Enlightened Life Temple, a legacy to the synergy of this collective wisdom.

Jyoti Ma lived in India for many years and learned the yogic traditions of Kundalini, Kriya, Tantra, Advaita and Sahaja. She became immersed in the spiritual tradition of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, known as the Siddha path, the ancient, root source of these powerful wisdom traditions. In collaboration with Siddha masters she has spent time with in the Himalayan ranges, Jyoti Ma will lead the first pilgrimage of sadhus, sages and yogis outside of India as they travel to Santa Fe for the Enlightened Life Festival.

Jyoti Ma facilitates practice groups, teaches the ancient wisdom paths of self-realization, and provides individual consultations in yogic psychology for self-healing and self-actualization. She has led groups into sacred lands for deep retreat and ceremony, including horse-riding journeys on the Navajo nation at Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley. She continues to guide pilgrimage tours in the Americans, India, Sri Lanka and Europe.

Jyoti Ma has served as the Project Manager for Enlightened Life Temple’s India Tour for Women and Children, a charity event that coordinated the delivery of donations and supplies to charitable organizations in India. The project raised funds for Astitva, a women’s refuge in Dehradun, Uttarkhand, and the Karna Prayag infant refuge, orphanage and adoption trust in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Jyoti Ma’s roots as a wandering yogini and devoted wisdom practitioner contribute to her present leadership role as a visionary, feminine Siddha in the west. She has said that, through this pilgrimage of the ages, the Sanatana Dharma will be strengthened to bring the next wave of conscious awakening to the west. With the blessings of the saints, sages and wise ones of all traditions, she is opening a new gateway to establish the enlightened consciousness as the guiding light for sustainable life on earth.

Prema Sagara, Chief Executive Officer

Prema has devoted his life to the path of spiritual entrepreneurship, being first and foremost committed to spiritual embodiment. As a young man, he found that the more he committed himself to living as a servant of spiritual Dharma in the West, the more that the entrepreneurial world became the only firm ground he could stand on. Bridging the worlds of business and consciousness form the main core of his work.

His experience in executive management includes roles as co-founder and board member for several different for-profit and non-profit companies, including Living Valley Alliance and Rasasiddha Foundation. His work at the non-profit Living Valley Alliance focused on grass-roots environmental campaigns working towards the banning of GMOs at county levels. With the Rasasiddha Foundation, he collaborated as co-founder in establishing it as a private operating foundation, promoting the teachings of Siddha alchemy, programs focused on community outreach, a publishing house, and permaculture/regenerative agriculture education.

Prema’s most successful venture was as founder of Effective Wellness Inc., which manufactured and retailed high quality herbal supplements with a focus on resolving infectious disease in humans and animals. Its subsidiary company, Effective Pet Wellness, gained significant brand recognition and clinical success in naturally treating difficult conditions, establishing footholds in the both the US and international markets.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Skydog Jewelry LLC, a company which seeks to bring consciousness to the fashion industry through raising the ethical standards of sourcing, production, and business culture. He holds a position on the Board of Directors of Enlightened Life Temple, the parent organization for Enlightened Life Festival, LLC. In this capacity he provides advice, oversight and strategic planning for this international, non-profit, religious organization.

Prema’s skill sets in team leadership, operations oversight, contractor relations, and public relations are uniquely suited to help manifest the Enlightened Life Festival vision. Finding deep joy and happiness in the arts of daily spiritual practice, he is fluent in the world of saints, sadhus, and Siddhas, while also speaking the business languages necessary to help execute and actualize the visions and strategies of the Enlightened Life Festival mission. It is a deep honor for him to serve in the creation of the first Kumbh Mela pilgrimage outside of India. As CEO and team leader, he emphasizes the importance open communication, clarity, and inspiration as driving factors in accomplishing the mission driven purpose of this complex international endeavor.

Our core pilgrimage team also includes

Chief of Logistics and Security – Paul Franco is a native tribal leader with Karankawa Apache and Mayan ancestry. He is a military veteran with expertise in security, planning and logistics. Paul has a passion for off-grid living and is the owner of Base Camp Tierra del Sol in Terlingua, Texas. He is an advocate for raising human consciousness and protecting the treasures of nature, water, air and Mother Earth.

Website and Content Management – Sangha member Adi Turiya, disciple and adept in the Integral Yoga tradition of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Adi will serve as the aide-de-camp to the Saddhus both in India and in the U.S., escorting and attending them at all times during the pilgrimage. He will look after their spiritual and material well-being as well as making sure they have whatever is needed as their sacred mission unfolds.

Social Media, Marketing and Content Management – Mayuri Ma is a member of our temple sangha whose dedicated soul purpose is the salvation and regeneration of Mother Earth. She is deeply involved in reforestation, a natural extension of her devoted practice as a Siddha yogini.

Filmmaker – Jess T. Johnston is an expert artist who has devoted his passion to making creative and engaging films for non-profit causes. Jess is passionate about spirituality, natural living, native culture and restoring balance to Mother Earth by raising human awareness.

About Enlightened Life Sanctuary, 501(c)3

The festival is produced by the Enlightened Life Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 non-profit, spiritual organization.

Enlightened Life is an international temple of consciousness, founded in 1997 by Chavah Aima, a western mystic, and eastern yogi, Prince Hirindra Singh, to share the collective wisdom of the most powerful enlightenment traditions. The temple is a rich resource for effective techniques and practices that nourish life’s journey with healing, higher awareness, enduring peace and life-sustaining earth wisdom. The temple also has a special focus on supporting indigenous culture and native spiritual life.

Chavah facilitated the expansion of the temple’s vision by spending several years in India training in the Sanatana Dharma, with various masters and gurus in the yogic paths of conscious awakening, including the traditions of Kundalini, Tantra and Advaita Vendanta. She has spent time in sacred homa and puja with Sri Karunamayi at her ashrams and temples in India and in the U.S. for many years. She journeyed to the Himalayan ranges where she met and spent time with Siddha master, Sri Hari Baba. At her initiation into the Siddha Yoga of Tirumular, she received the name Jyoti Ma.

Through the parampara of Sri Tirimular, the famous saint of Tamil Nadu, Jyoti Ma received guidance and direction to initiate the first Khumbh Mela pilgrimage to North America. With the support of the Siddha Sangha of Enlightened Life temple, she is overseeing the movement of essential wisdom and spiritual energy from east to west. Her primary disciple, Prema Sagara, an accomplished yogic practitioner, temple sangha leader and conscious entrepreneur, is the Chief Executive Officer for the Enlightened Life Pilgrimage Festival.