Meet the Founder
Chavah Aima is a former psychotherapist with a lifelong passion for unleashing the higher potentials of human consciousness. After many years of successful clinical practice, she entered into an extended, isolated retreat to meditate, practice and study the timeless wisdom of the consciousness traditions. She received her first yogic initiations from Hirindra Singh, PhD, an accomplished yogi whose insights into the eastern paths of enlightenment merged with Chavah’s expertise in the western mystical traditions to create Enlightened Life Temple, a legacy to the synergy of this collective wisdom.

Chavah lived in India for many years and learned the yogic traditions of Kundalini, Kriya, Tantra, Advaita and Sahaja. She became immersed in the spiritual tradition of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, known as the Siddha path, the ancient, root source of these powerful wisdom traditions. In collaboration with Siddha masters she has spent time with in the Himalayan ranges, Chavah will lead the first pilgrimage of sadhus, sages and yogis outside of India as they travel to Santa Fe for the Enlightened Life Festival.

Chavah facilitates practice groups, teaches the ancient wisdom paths of self-realization, and provides individual consultations in yogic psychology for self-healing and self-actualization. She has led groups into sacred lands for deep retreat and ceremony, including horse-riding journeys on the Navajo nation at Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley. She continues to guide pilgrimage tours in the Americans, India, Sri Lanka and Europe.

Chavah has served as the Project Manager for Enlightened Life Temple’s India Tour for Women and Children, a charity event that coordinated the delivery of donations and supplies to charitable organizations in India. The project raised funds for Astitva, a women’s refuge in Dehradun, Uttarkhand, and the Karna Prayag infant refuge, orphanage and adoption trust in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Chavah’s roots as a wandering yogini and devoted wisdom practitioner contribute to her present leadership role as a visionary, feminine Siddha in the west. She has said that, through this pilgrimage of the ages, the Sanatana Dharma will be strengthened to bring the next wave of conscious awakening to the west. With the blessings of the saints, sages and wise ones of all traditions, she is opening a new gateway to establish the enlightened consciousness as the guiding light for sustainable life on earth.