How do we increase vitality and longevity when we are living enlightened life on earth?

Science is on the verge of discovering the secrets of regeneration, age reversal and longevity. These secrets have long been known to the masters of wisdom whose traditions include the knowledge of immortals who have been able to apply these teachings to extend life in a youthful body over many years. From the traditions of dark cave regeneration to the research labs of leading scientists, our Longevity Village will open your eyes to a whole new potential for long, healthy, vital life.

Get a shot of vitality at the longevity elixir bar, learn yogic methods for long life and meet expert doctors, clinicians and practitioners who are leading humanity into a new understanding of the potentials for human life. You will hear from integrative medical specialists about cutting-edge strategies that can restore health, slow the aging process and radically extend the human life span.

You will push the boundaries of human capabilities as you practice with alchemists, yogis, Chi masters and Siddha sages who hold the ancient methods used by advanced practitioners to consciously recharge and restore the body to a younger age – and continue to live as long as you desire.

This is more than just a village –  it is also a clinic designed to re-energize and enhance your body and your life. You will have the opportunity to get consultations with leading doctors and explore the opportunities and options available to create or regain a youthful, healthy body and mind. You will discover effective ways to recover, restore and maintain optimum brain function. The focus in the village clinic is natural, holistic and integrative medicine, offering you the latest strategies for vitality, transformation, healing and age-reversal.

In a special partnership presentation featuring our Sacred Gardens experts and Longevity Village clinicians, you will get a deep understanding of the many connections between diet and aging. You will take away new insights and practical strategies to incorporate this knowledge into your life. When you know how to eat, fast and practice, you are on track to sustaining optimum health and an amazing journey through life.