Daily Ongoing Ceremonies

Abhishekam, Puja and Homam Ceremonies presented by Pandit Vinay Sharma

Pandit Vinay Sharma joined the Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center (AHTCC) as a priest in March 2014. Pandit Vinay ji performs various ceremonies in AHTCC with great expertise and devotion, including Guru Mandir Kumbh Abhishekam (bathing of the deities) and Guru Pournami Pujas (deity offering rituals). Pandit ji observes Ganesha Navaratri, and Devi (Goddess) Navaratri Alamkarams (dressing/ornamentation of the deity), in special ceremonies that take place over the course of 9 days. Pandit ji is a master in Chandi Homam (fire offering ceremony), where he creates positive vibrations by chanting Devi mantras. He celebrates Kalyanams of all of the Gods, leads Surya Namaskaram, creates Yantrams for health, astrological corrections and wealth, and offers Aruna Parayanam, homam ceremony for health and healing. He facilitates in Shata Chandi, Sahasra Chandi, Ati Rudra, Maha Rudra and Koti Rudra Yagam.

Pandit ji studied Vedic knowledge for 8 years at Krishna Yajurveda Smartam at Tirumala Veda Patashala Vedagiri in Tirupati, Andra Pradesh. He holds an A.P. Government Endowment, certified in Shaivagama, Pravesha, Vara and Pravara. Vinay ji is a native Telugu speaker from Andra Pradesh and is fluent in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, and English.

Featured Ceremonies

Sunday, October 20 – 1:00 pm

Sacred Waters Ritual presented by Kimberly Webber and Priestesses

Kimberly Webber is a Contemporary Symbolist Painter who works with a fusion of Asian and European techniques. Her work revolves around the archetypes and medicine animals and birds. Kimberly has
been leading rituals since 1993 in both co-ed and women’s circles. Her service as a priestess focuses on creating a space of radical inclusion and impeccable clarity. A core group of women have been performing rituals together with Kimberly since 1993 in the Taos, New Mexico area. The ritual space they create is focused yet fluid, with plenty of room for the individual participants to add their prayers. Each ritual is unique in that the collective prayers of the practitioners weave together to offer healing to both the group and the planet. A set format is followed based on ancient earth honoring traditions, with a formal circle being cast by the priestesses to contain and direct the ritual prayers. The Sacred Waters Ritual will be focused on the sanctity of our local and planetary waters. All are welcome.