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The Kumbha Melas of India were initiated in ancient times by the saints and sages in the holy lands of the Himalayan ranges.

To this day, they continue to travel to one of four sacred sites every 12 years to receive the divine nectar of wisdom, consciousness and awakened life. Millions make the pilgrimage with them in order to receive the blessings of these holy beings and taste divine life.

Now the yogis are coming to North America, in a historic movement that marks a tribal prophecy and echoes the call to higher life from revered leaders of the past who first brought the eastern dharma to the west. The Sangre de Christo mountains of northern New Mexico are known to the yogis as the Himalayas of the West. This landmark event heralds in the next phase in the evolution of human consciousness, and has the root intention to restore our essential harmony with Mother Earth.

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